Dividing Ridge Farm

Boer Herd:

Kenny and Belinda Bowen - 859-472-5443

Demossville, KY  41033



Kiko Herd:

Sonny and Nancy Bowen - 859-472-2490

Demossville, KY  41033



Welcome to Dividing Ridge Farm

Boer Goats and Kiko Goats

Our Information:

Dividing Ridge Farm is a two family operation located in Gardnersville, KY.  One family specializing in Colored and Spotted Boer Goats and the other in Kiko Goats and crosses.  Our Boer Goat herd consists of 50 breeding does and currently 4 main herd sire bucks. 

Our Kiko herd consists of 2 Texas Gene Master Kikos, 12 purebred Kiko does, 3 100% New Zealand Kiko bucks, 35 yearling Boer does that are 100% and percentage, 30 50% Kiko Boer cross does, and 65 mature 100% and percentage Boer does.

Our combined herds, with varying stages of production, average about 350 animals. 

Feel free to contact us by phone or e-mail at boers@DividingRidgeFarm.com or kikos@DividingRidgeFarm.com